As an avid game player who grew up playing almost every type of game imaginable, the Game Rules Guru has a fundamental understanding of a great many games, however, in comprising the articles for this website, a great deal of additional research goes into each set of rules. We at Game Rules Guru want to provide the most complete and accurate rules possible for each game. As such, a great many resources are called upon to build the rules so that they are as “official” as can be. Rules from different sources are cross-referenced and verified so that each article will contain as much rules information on each game as possible. Listed here are several sources that have been used to assist in the research.


Hoyles Rules of Games, 3rd edition, Albert H. Morehead & Geoffrey Mott-Smith

The Official World Encyclopedia of Sports and Games, Diagram Group

Reader’s Digest’s The Treasury of Family Games

Spalding Book of Rules, Bing Broido

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