Chuck-A-Luck (Birdcage, Hazard)

This is a little known casino game where players bet against the house.

Number of Players

As many as the house is willing to accommodate.


Three 6-sided dice inside an hourglass shaped dice cage, a dealer.


The entire pre-game setup involves placing bets on a table with marked out betting options.


As the dealer turns the cage end over end, the players place wagers on specific outcomes of the dice. When all bets are placed, the dealer stops the cage allowing all three dice to rest on the bottom. The outcome of their position determines the payouts. The possible bets that can be made are:

  • Single Number – Players can place a bet on any one number from 1-6. If any of the three dice show the number selected, the bet wins. The payout doubles if the number shows on two dice and triples if it shows on all three
  • Triples – A bet that the roll will be any set of triples (example, 3, 3, 3 or 5, 5, 5)
  • High – A bet that the combined roll will equal 11 or higher (loses if the roll is triples)
  • Low – A bet that the combined roll will equal 10 or lower (again, loses on triples)
  • Field – A bet that the combined roll will be outside of the 8 – 12 range
  • Odd – A bet that the total will be an odd number
  • Even – A bet that the total will be an even number
  • Specific total – Players can wager that the total on the dice will equal any
    number from 4 – 17

Which of the above bets will be offered varies depending on the venue, but the first 5 are fairly typical.


Earn the maximum payout by placing wagers correctly. Of course, the odds and payouts differ for each betting option, so choose wisely. And always remember, that no matter how you bet, the odds are designed to favor the house.

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