Pin the Tail on the Donkey

No kids’ party is complete without it!

Number of Players

As many as you like.


A poster or pinup with a picture of a tailless donkey, 1 donkey tail (made of string, paper, horse hair, or whatever), 1 blindfold, name tags or labels for each participant (or just a pen to write names on the poster), 1 referee or moderator (optional).


The donkey poster is hung on a wall at an appropriate height for the players. The tail should be prepped with a push pin or piece of tape, or other method of attaching it to the poster.


Each player goes one at a time. When a player is up, that player is given the donkey tail, blindfolded, and then spun around three times in a circle (by the referee or another player). The player should always be left facing the wall with the poster (the spins are meant to disorient…not send off in the wrong direction). The player must then attempt to attach the tail to the poster. When the tail is attached, the player’s turn is finished, and the spot where the tail wound up is marked with the player’s name.


Just what the game’s name says…pin the tail on the donkey! When all players have had a turn, the player with a mark closest to where the tail should actually be on a donkey wins.


Obviously…it doesn’t have to be a donkey. Anything with a tail will do. The game can be tailored to any kind of event.

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