Tic Tac Toe

Ask anyone to name a pencil and paper game, and this is most likely the first thing that will come to mind. It doesn’t get any simpler than this, but hey…every gamer has got to start somewhere.

Number of players



Pencil and paper.


Draw a 9x9 square grid on a piece of paper by simply cross-hatching two parallel vertical lines with two parallel horizontal lines. It should look like a large pound sign (#).


One player is designated as Xs, the other as Os. X plays first. On a player’s turn, that player may draw their symbol (either an X or an O) in any square they choose. Play alternates back and forth with each player making one mark per turn.


Get three in a row. The first player to have three of their symbols in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally wins. If the grid fills up and no one has made three in a row, the game is a tie (also known as a “cat’s game”).

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